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Make your product manuals and
document archives searchable!

QuestAgent is the perfect search solution for distributed, "offline" document collections as user manuals or conference materials.

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  • Portable Search Solution

    QuestAgent is a cross-platform, zero-install search engine, able to run from a file system or a web server.

    All what's needed for search to function is a relatively modern web browser and Java installed.

  • Powerful Feature Set

    It has everything you'd expect from a search engine: Boolean queries, phrase and proximity search, fielded search, synonyms, facets, search snippets, document highlighting, etc.

  • Easy To Integrate

    QuestAgent comes with a polished search UI built completely in HTML and powered by JavaScript and Java. Wire it to your design, modify CSS or change behavior using provided API.

  • Simple To Use

    QuestAgent's search interface has a look and feel of a traditional Internet search engine - something your users are already familiar with.


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