QuestAgent Features

QuestAgent 10 is based on Apache Solr - the popular, blazing fast open source enterprise search platform from the Apache Lucene project. We've customized and extended Solr to run in an "offline" and otherwise restricted environment, at the same time supporting its major features and configuration options.

Full text and Meta-data indexing

  • Rich Document Parsing (HTML, PDF, Word, etc) powered by Apache Tika
  • Advanced, Configurable Text Analysis
  • External Configuration via XML
  • GUI and command line tools for indexing and deployment

Powerful search engine

  • Boolean queries, phrase and proximity search, fielded search, Google-like query syntax, faceted search, synonyms
  • Highlighted context snippets in search results
  • Highlights search terms in an HTML document and scrolls down to the first match found
  • Supports multiple document collections with tens of thousands of documents

Portable, cross-platform and zero-install

  • Search runs transparently from a CD/DVD disk or USB drive, a local or shared network location and a web site
  • No installation required on end-user's hard drive, only needs Java 6 or better enabled in browser
  • Compatible with all major web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer)

Highly customizable, easy to integrate

  • Search interface built with HTML and CSS
  • Wire to your design starting from a fully functional example
  • Use JavaScript to access search functions

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